Volunteers are valued and rewarded

Every year is fun and uniquely rewarding for our volunteers. Each convention offers many opportunities to volunteer. There are times when our volunteers work closely with the celebrities. We use volunteers to run panels, monitor halls, and tend to all aspects of running the convention. Volunteers get to see and be a part of the behind-the-scenes of ALL-CON. It is a great icebreaker if you are looking to expand your group of friends.

 Our volunteers are needed and loved

The Sunday of the convention has a Volunteer appreciation event. This event provides an opportunity for ALL-CON staff to thank those hard working people that helped to make ALL-CON work. There will be a time to visit with the celebrities (up close!) that you may have missed during the convention. At the appreciation event prizes and gifts will be given to our precious helpers.

The Mechanics of The System

To avoid handing out badges to no-show volunteers, you must purchase an ALL-CON badge for your very first year. For most of our volunteers, that's the last badge they ever have to buy since every year you volunteer for at least 10 hours you get a free badge for the following year! 16 hours (total) will also earn a free shirt for the following year. For each day you volunteer, Thursday through Sunday, you receive a special bit of badge bling, unique to that day. (You must volunteer all four days to get all four designs.) Starting the first hour, you receive one raffle ticket for each hour you volunteer. Sunday at 5:00pm there is a Volunteers appreciation event where you can win free nights at the convention hotel for the following year, celebrity autographs, prize sponsor gifts, convention souvenirs (shirts, mugs, etc.), and more!

 •  Because you like to help.
 •  Be envied for your volunteer tokens.
 •  Get thank yous and pats on the back.
 •  Know first hand what is going on.
 •  Become important.
 •  It's loads of fun!
 •  Meet new friends.
 •  Exclusive Volunteer-only events.
 •  See the convention from the inside.
 •  Earn a free pass for next year!!

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