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Bunny Hutch Dallas

From the organizer: ''The Bunny Hutch is a time-honored convention kickoff party that I started back in Atlanta when I was a Dragon*Con regular. Now I live in Dallas, and it is time to plant the flag here as well. We began with four Bunnies and a Hef, and this year we will do as Bunnies do, and multiply!

ALL-CON is the local hometown con where folks come to hang out and party with friends - which makes it perfect for the Hutch, which is all about mutual support and fun for all. Because every person should know the power of embracing the icon, and learn to express their inner Bunny.

After all, Bunnies are universal ambassadors. Everybody loves a bunny-especially as the first thing they see checking in on Thursday night, kicking off their convention!

A Hutch of Bunnies even moreso.

So pull out your fishnets, dust off your heels, pack it into some Hooters hose and a corset and tilt your ears a bit. Form on me - let's go form a hutch!''





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