TNT Cosplay Supply [C17]

We are cosplayers and fans of cosplayers who attend conventions, know some amazing people, believe of the inclusion of everyone, and lastly we struggle finding supplies for construction of our costumes.

Our first costume construction was using EVA foam. But we found finding a good quality EVA foam that was appropriate for costume construction a difficult task. After searching all known sources for the right type of EVA foam to fabricate our cosplay costumes... after buying several different types and thickness only to be disappointed with the product....after talking with numerous other cosplayers who were experiencing similar difficulties, we decided it was time to take action.

We visited with several cosplayers who fabricated costumes with EVA foam; we watched numerous DIY videos and read the comments and questions from the viewers. And we asked the cosplayers what they liked and did not like about the EVA foam products that were currently available. They all had the same things to say: We would like a product with a smooth surface on both sides, a product that did not require a lot of priming to be able to accept paint, a product that is stronger, a product they could rely on to be the same every time they ordered, and lastly larger pieces of foam so there were less seams.

We searched manufacturers both nationally and internationally to see if a product was available that would meet most if not all the needs of the cosplayers. After several months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that we have found this product and now offer it to you.






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