ALL-CON encourages diversity in content within a stucture of order. This supports interaction without blurring lines into confusion. Distinct areas have been configured for organizations, authors, small press, artists, vendors and guests to help to place the appropriate resources into logical areas for attendees to locate goods, services, and organizations.

There are certain categories of goods which are not permitted at ALL-CON:

 • Food and Drink
 • Sharp / Bladed / Self Defense Goods (Stun Guns, Mace, etc.)
 • Projectile / Airsoft
 • Intimate Personal Accessories


CLUB TABLES are in the Bel-Air Hall. The six foot tables are for promotional, charity, non-profit and membership use only. They come with two chairs and two badges. Additional badges may be purchased for members who will be staffing the table. The tables are not in an area secured over night and must be reset daily.



VENDOR BOOTHS are 10'x10' booths and 20'x10' endcap configurations. These are the only booths where commerical goods should be sold. Because it is the secured room, any other exhibitor, artist, or small press with elaborate set-ups should consider utilizing it for their presence. Celebrity and Industry guests are also based in this ballroom.


ARTISAN ALLEY is open to the public 11am-7pm on Thursday, 9am-7pm Friday and Saturday, and 9am-4pm on Sunday. The tables are not in an area secured over night. Tables in Artisan Alley are for individual who create their own works of art in any medium. Sales of commerical products is prohibited. ALL-CON takes very seriously accusations of artists selling work which is not of their own design. The skirted tables come with two chairs and two badges. Art Show information can be found at:


AUTHOR / SMALL PRESS TABLES. Understanding the needs for individuals to exhibit individual and small press productions at a budget or space requirements less than those offered by the full vendor room, ALL-CON has author and small press tables at exhibitor rates. The six foot skirted table comes with two chairs and two badges. The tables are not in an area secured over night and must be reset daily.