All-Con Featured Guests

Every year All-Con brings you a balanced assortment of talent to sign autographs and participate in convention activities. If you have contact information for a celebrity you would like for us to consider, contact us and we'll add them to our list for consideration!

Bill Blair

Bill Blair has the distinction of holding the world record for Most Special Effect Make-Up Characters Portrayed In A Career, verified and awarded by the Guinness Book of World Records!

You have seen Bill Blair on Babylon 5, most of the Star Trek franchises, Charmed, NCIS, iCarly, Argo, Community, and many other programs and films where he has portrayed more than two hundred special effect make-up characters; and counting!

With so many roles on hit series and experience

with intricate make-up and prosthetics Bill Blair has one of the most interesting and diverse portfolios of autographable photos and behind-the-scenes anecdotes of any actor today!

Samantha Newark

As a teenager, Sam became one of the most sought-after voice-over talents in mainstream television. Her work as the voice of "Jem" and "Jerrica" in the cartoon series "Jem and the Holograms" and roles on the original "Transformers" thrust her into a type of international fame that has produced a serious pop culture cult following that persists to this day.

Barry Diamond

Barry Diamond is a stand-up comedian and actor who rose to prominence in the 1980s. Mr. Diamond progressed from a recording contract to land parts in films like GET CRAZY, NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CLASS REUNION, and eventually featured parts in BACHELOR PARTY and GROSS JOKES.

Barry had recurring roles on the TV Shows Bosom Buddies, Seinfeld, and Friends. He was a regular cast member on The Half Hour Comedy Hour and Robert Townsend's groundbreakingly different, Fox

Variety Show, Townsend Television. He also lended his voice talents to the animated series Bebe's Kids.

Mr. Diamond is still doing stand-up but primarily works in television making guest appearances. He also has supported our troops by touring as part of the USO's travelling entertainment shows (a la Bob Hope).

In 2005 Barry Diamond was All-Con's first (ever!) announced celebrity guest and is returning to meet all of his fans, and share some laughs with new fans during this rare live appearance.

Triston Johnson

Triston Johnson is an actor from the Atlanta area where he has grown up most of his life. Having done plays and productions in high school, he knew at a young age just what he wanted to be. He has been in several projects including Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead.

Heather Henry

Don't let this freelance make-up artist's wholesome southern appearance fool you—her makeup effects, sharp tongue and sick sense of humor show she also has a dark side. She was first drawn to the make-up world by the fantasy movies she watched as a child. She became hooked on special effects 10 years ago when she and a friend made a short film that required making a fake head. Next, she attended the Joe Blasco School in Orlando. Heather has done makeup for various television shows including Prison Break and Chase, but her passion is

in fantastic creature effects. She particularly likes the creativity and problem solving aspects of effects.

Heather was a contestant on the SyFy hit series Face Off. She will be performing make-up demonstrations throughout the weekend at her booth.

Marshall Barnes

Marshall Barnes is the internationally noted 21st renaissance man that lives up the title. Not only has he developed the first functioning technology for warp drive, but he has applied it to torsion physics, resulting in the Verdrehung Fan(TM) - the only working prototype time machine. Marshall is working on making time travel a reality and he knows more about it than anyone else - and regularly proves it. Go beyond mere talk of wormholes, paradoxes and closed time-like curves. Learn the truth about time travel physics, see video of experiments and a live

demonstration of the Verdrehung Fan(TM) - warping space on a small scale. Then realize that all it will take is to increase the power enough before a true science fiction level event takes place, that will change the world forever!

Krystle Starr

Krystle's very first convention was actually a date, one of the weirdest, craziest and adventurous dates she has ever been on. The colors of all the costumes and artwork dazzled her eyes. She was so mesmerized that she decide to go back the next day with something of her own, which ended up being a hit!

"I've been addicted ever since. When I found out that William Shatner was coming to town, one of my father's idols, I decided that I would write an article

about it in the school newspaper and take my father. He loved it! After covering a few conventions for the school I decided I wanted to do it for myself because I can't be in school forever."

Krystle teamed up with Adam Samaz and together they created, a website devoted to entertainment. That was more than four years ago. They cover most conventions in Texas. Aside from the creativity, games, merchandise, celebrities, contests and all-around nerdiness that can be found at all good conventions, the one thing that keeps them going are the friendships they have made over the years. "You couldn't ask for a better group of people devoted to the culture we love and support."

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