Mom, Dad, I'm a Cosplayer.

Rated: Teen

Category: Discussion Panel

Produced by: Heroic Inner Kids

Do you get the dismissive attitude toward your hobby? Do you have people who don't understand why you do it? Well guess what? There is actually scientific data to back up benefits to cosplay as a hobby! There are psychological documents now being presented on the hobby of cosplay and what it brings to individuals. So come learn how you can come out of the cosplay closet in a well-spoken manner. Learn about ways you can speak to how your skills cross platforms in day to day life and the benefits it gives you. While you are at it you may even learn a bit about why you find such a love for the hobby itself and how you can use these skills in other areas!


SAT 2:00p.m. (7 hrs.) Room: BEL-AIR 5 [Lobby Level]

Speaking: Rebecka Hunt