It's a Wrap!

Rated: Everyone

Category: Activity

Produced by: JediCole Universe / Half Ass Productions

So you've had a full weekend at Your Favorite Con. You've attended panels, game shows, dances, costume contests, and gaming events. You've met some great celebrity guests and heard amazing tales in their panels. You've taken in the scope of fandom and have plenty of goodies, photos, and memories. It can't be over, can it?

Why let a good thing come to an end?! After the Grand Prize Drawing (following Sunday's Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!) the best way to unwind and say farewell to ALL-CON 2018 is ''It's a Wrap!'' Well, that's how we feel at ALL-CON Games and Theory. When the last game show has awarded its prizes and a lot of leftover stuff has been given away in raffles, the fun continues as your exhausted Games and Theory crew share the highlights and laughs from four full days of convention wonderment.

This interactive panel has become a favorite end-of-show haunt for many who are looking for a chance to share their own experiences with a casual crowd. Close out the weekend in style with the kids from th Game Shows track and friends!


SUN 3:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: GAME SHOWS: MAYFAIR [Lobby Level]

Speaking: JediCole Houston; Mrs. JediCole