Death Battle Debate

Rated: Teen

Category: Discussion Panel

Produced by: In Our Nerdy Opinion

In Our Nerdy Opinion returns with another edition of Death Battle Debate, pitting pop culture nerds' knowledge in a head-to-head battle of facts!

To be recorded on our YouTube channel as ''Action's Top 10,'' Action will present his best ideas to be presented to for their internet analysis series called Death Battle, where they pit two (or more) fan-submitted characters against each other in a fight to the death to determine who would win and why! They've covered legendary battles in their 5 seasons such as: Goku vs Superman, Batman vs Spider-Man, He-Man vs. Lion-O, Mario vs. Sonic, etc.

After the top 9 are presented, our two contestants will be randomly chosen from the audience to debate on four of the nine battles presented before #1 is revealed, which will be debated! The contestant who wins best 3 out of 5 debates will be declared the winner, and leave with some awesome nerdy swag! There will be time after the debate for general fun discussion about the Top 10 list with the audience in attendance as well!

Don't know that much about pop culture characters? That's ok! These debates are based on the arguments themselves, mainly! If you can still convince us about your pick in an entertaining way, you can still win! This is about having fun, after all!

Contestants: Two


FRI 6:00p.m. (2 hrs.) Room: GAME SHOWS: MAYFAIR [Lobby Level]